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Welcome to The Forge League's Armajet Arena, Pilots! In the inaugural Spring Season, we're launching our first cross-regional (NA and EU) Armajet competition consisting of a Group Stage (Regional Round Robin) and a Double Elimination (DE) stage. Teams that finish in the Top 3 of their regional group move on to the Double Elimination stage. Here are the important production dates to remember:

  • Group EU: April 13th @ 1PM EDT
  • Group NA: April 14th @ 1PM EDT
  • DE Day 1: April 20th @ 3:30PM EDT
  • DE Day 2: April 21st @ 3PM EDT


A total of eight teams are participating in the first Armajet Arena tournament. The participants are devided over two groups (EU and NA), each consisting of four teams. **UPDATE** Teams making an appearance in the Spring Season are the following:


The prize pool for Armajet Arena 2019 Spring Season consists of six thousand Paragon, official Armajet Gear 2.0 merchandise, and in-game content. The prize pool is distributed over the top three teams as follows:

  • First place: 200 USD in Steam, Google Play and/or iTunes gift cards, 4,000 Paragon and 4x Armajet Gear 2.0 Snapbacks
  • Second place: 2,500 Paragon and 4x Rare Weapon Mod
  • Third place: 1,500 Paragon

Check out the Official Tournament Rulebook, here, for more details on format, eligibility, and prizepool distribution of Armajet Arena 2019 Spring Season!

The Forge League (“TFL”) staff reserve the right to edit, change, or update these rules according to any situation that may arise in and out of Armajet, the Armajet community, internal and external feedback. In extreme cases, rules are subject to change instantaneously.
Should any situations arise in which TFL must exercise these rules and regulations, TFL staff will have final say on all decisions (the outcome of their decision will be final). **Latest rule revision: April 12, 2019.**


Join the official TFL Discord Server to stay up-to-date on the latest rule changes and announcements. See you in the arena, Pilots!

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