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Armajet June 12th, 2019

Five Contestants, Only One King

Following The Forge League’s Armajet debut season success, and amidst hunger-driven calls from the community for more competition, it’s finally time to reveal our next project. In partnership with Hammers Esports, we're presenting our long-awaited community effort: Kings of the Arena. For those of you longing for weekly Armajet action to watch or play in, this one's for you!

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Armajet April 19th, 2019

A Deep-Dive into Heat 1

Earlier this week we broke down the results of Heat 1 to you and pointed out some interesting stats. By popular demand, and because we can, we’re zooming in on player and team performance using data. Buckle up and be ready to be hit by facts!

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Armajet April 16th, 2019

Heat 1 in Review: Results, Stats & Analysis

What a week it was here at The Forge League! We have witnessed our first Armajet community tournament come to live with eight teams valiantly contesting each other over twelve series. Parading victories and hard-fought losses between the two days are making us even more excited to combine teams from both groups for Heat 2 and Heat 3 next weekend. But first, let’s wrap-up Heat 1—because surely there’s a lot to talk about!

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Armajet April 9th, 2019

About Armajet Update 1.5

There is no doubt that Armajet Update 1.5's release has significantly shaken up the meta. Bullet travel times have been decreased, Pilot movement (VMAX) has been lowered and boosting and jetpacking are now separate tanks...

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