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Introducing the #ArmajetArena Bracket Challenge

Attention, Pilots! With the teams being recently announced, it’s time to hear your bracket predictions. Which teams are making it to the Double Elimination Stage? Which team makes it out of the lower bracket? And finally, who do you think will secure the bag on Sunday? You let us know before 1:00 PM EST on Saturday, January 25th for a chance to win a limited edition swag pack brought to you by Omlet Arcade!

Download the PDF file below on your pc or smartphone.


If you don’t have a PDF Reader or supporting browser, please download the #ArmajetArena Bracket Challenge graphic below and fill it in manually (i.e., using Paint or Adobe Photoshop).

Fill in the empty bracket using the dropdowns provided. Don’t forget to fill in the scores as well!

When you finish the bracket, save it onto your device first. For official submission, upload your prediction to our Drive folder:

Follow through by taking a screenshot and replying to our Twitter post with your prediction.

We will contact the winner(s) via Twitter in the week following Armajet Arena Season 2. Good luck, Pilots!

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