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Five Contestants, Only One King

Following The Forge League’s Armajet debut season success, and amidst hunger-driven calls from the community for more competition, it’s finally time to reveal our next project. In partnership with Hammers Esports, we're presenting our long-awaited community effort: Kings of the Arena. For those of you longing for weekly Armajet action to watch or play in, this one's for you!

Kings of the Arena is a weekly scramble between four contesting teams and the reigning Kings following a team-style King of the Hill format. Each contestant gets a shot at dethroning the Kings to crown themselves the new Kings of the Arena. Four of the best teams in the game and the Kings go head-to-head in a Best of Five Deathmatch series to prove their worth to the world, while also prepping the next generation of Pilots for the battlefield.


Hammers Esports are the first Kings to beat this weekend! Do you think your team is strong enough to knock off the throne an ever so fierce #HAMMERS6 with the likes of Lucas, BillytheKid, elseif and DeVoTeD? We’ll be the ones to root for the underdog, that’s for sure!

The first edition of Kings of the Arena is set for Sunday, June 16. Sign-ups will open 24 hours prior to an event (1:00 PM EDT on Saturdays), and will remain open for the duration of 1 hour by default. This is to ensure that teams sign up fast, as we prioritize teams that come first in order to give all community teams equal opportunities to practice.

For the complete ruleset, visit

Kings of the Arena will be streamed live on The Forge League’s Twitch channel, presented by the magnificent duo of SaffireSky and SeanAustino! We cannot wait to see how next weekend plays out.

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