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TFL S2 Shelly Cup Group Stages

TFL Season 2: The Shelly Cup has finally arrived and wow were the group stages tough. We saw some unbelievable games take place and we were all quite impressed by this season's Omlet Streamer Teams who have definitely become stronger since last season. We would like to congratulate EVERYONE who participated in the Group Stages for the tremendous amount of effort they put in (especially if you qualified through the Omlet Arcade regional leaderboards). Same hint applies for anyone considering joining us: Make sure to start your prep for Season 3 by building up a viewer base and finding good talent for your team! We know you'll do great, brawlers! Good luck!

Shelly Group (A)

What an incredbly great start to Season 2. Surprisingly, Season One’s victors, Cream Esports, did not come out on top of their group. Instead, we saw the unknown streamer team, Monarchs Gaming (led by team captain Radical) enter the arena only to snatch away narrow victory for Cream in a close 3-2 series! At the end of the day, Cream did prove to be the superior team between them and Monarchs due to their group stage match win-rate, 72.73% compared to Monarchs 64.29%, meaning even though Monarchs won all of their series, Cream did it in fewer matches causing their win-rate to be higher. We know we will see great things this season from both teams and can’t wait to see where they will end up in the main event. Also, the Star player from the Shelly Group was a TIE! Both Barajasf from Monarchs Gaming and Kangarmo from Cream Esports accumulated 4-star players throughout there matches on Saturday. Congrats!

Group Poco (B)

Group Poco, also known as the Group of Death, was absolute and utter domination by Team Liquid’s community team, #LetsGoLiquid. Nova waltzed into the Team Liquid series having only lost one match the entirety of the day. Boy were they surprised when they played Team Liquid, led by Bobby. In a quick sweep, Team liquid managed to take victory from Nova and keep a 100% win record. The highest win record that the Forge League has ever seen, #TLWIN. Unfortunately, we will be saying goodbye to X6tence and Team OMG here we wish you the best of luck in the future. But let us look ahead to the future, will Team Liquid be able to maintain this winning record and advance past the Quarterfinals? Or will they be taken down by France’s best, PSG Esports?

Group Bull (C)

Group Bull was dominated by Tribe. Tribe Gaming went in and swept their first two group series’ in just minutes. In particular, their series against Lazarus(led by Occam) which blew by in the blink of an eye due to Tribe’s superior gameplay. #TRIBEWIN Tribe has lost one match in this entire tournament and that is to the other invited team, PSG Esports led by SunBentley. Even though PSG played strong and put up a fight, they could not compete against Tribe who ended the day with a stellar 90% win record. Compared to PSG’s 50% win rate. The star player from this group was quite clearly Alec26 who got 3 out of the first 4 star players in the matches Tribe played. He finished off the day with 6 star players out of the 10 matches. Wow, now that is a pro. While we are speaking about Tribe, who is hyped to see Chief Pat. Hopefully, we can see the Chief himself enter the TFL arena for the Quarterfinals!
TFL also had another amazing surprise on Saturday. Our amazing caster, FullFrontage gave the community what they wanted. OMLETS! No just kidding, but he did ASMR cast all of Bull Group; due to us, getting 500 likes on a comment. Thank you FullFrontage for following through on your promises and giving us the best ASMR cast we have ever seen.

Group Frank (D)

Group Frank may have been the last group to play but they were definitely not the least. We saw a strong performance from Team Dinamita, who ended up at the top of their group with a 90% win record. Tying Tribe Gaming’s win record. An overall close group QLASH will be advancing to the Quarterfinals with Dynamita. The star player for the day and for the OVERALL group stages is Zhar. He managed to finish the day off with 7 star players narrowly beating Alec’s previous record of 6.

Most Hated Brawler!

We are proud (but are we really proud?) to announce that Barley is TFL’s "Most hated" brawler. He was banned 14 times throughout the group stages. Astonishingly, 12 of them were on the Heist map: Forks Out.


Tune in to the QuarterFinals at They will be on April 20th beginning at 9:00 AM PDT

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