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Interview with Team Liquid’s Brawl Stars Captain: Bobby!

The Shelly Cup group stages are long gone and we at TFL think there is a clear winner. Team Liquid has emerged victorious from the Group of Death(Poco group). Team Liquid new to TFL has managed to completely dominate, even against a top-tier Esports organization such as Nova. Nova has been dominating the competitive Brawl Stars scene for quite some time and even Season One of TFL, where they placed second. But, Team Liquid has managed to step foot in the the TFL arena and completely overthrow Nova Esports by sweeping them and the other 2 teams in their group, X6tence and Team OMG. As of right now, Team Liquid has a perfect win record, even though, they faced the strongest group, as decided by the Brawl Stars community. TFL has decided to interview Bobby Captain of Team Liquid to hear his thoughts on TFL as a whole and see how he plans to move forward for the rest of the Season.

The Forge League (TFL): Congrats on winning within Poco Group on Sunday. How did you feel about sweeping all your opponents in TFL?

Bobby: Thank you, it felt spectacular for our team to start off on such a strong note. It especially felt good going 9-0 and currently having the highest win rate in TFL. In particular, I felt great about our straight sweep of Nova Esports as they are such a very well respected and strong team. We went in feeling very confident but even we were a bit surprised with the results and how easy the other teams crumbled against us.

TFL: You currently have a 100% win rate currently in TFL--do you think you will be able to sweep your next opponent, PSG Esports, and advance?

Bobby: The 100% win rate does feel good and we do hope to continue our dominance throughout the rest of the tournament. I am confident that our team can beat anybody, but with that being said PSG has a really talented, respected roster and we are quite excited about our upcoming match. We cannot wait to play and win. #TLWIN

TFL: What do you think Team Liquid has done that is setting them apart from all the other teams?

Bobby: We in Team Liquid feel like we do a tremendous amount of preparation in advance of our matches. We are confident that our preparation and practice is what puts us above all other teams. #LetsGoLiquid

TFL: How has your experience been so far in TFL, how do you feel about the production? Are you excited and do you enjoy it?

Bobby: So far my experience in TFL has been fantastic and it's truly a pleasure to not just play in, but also spectate and be a part of. It is very well ran from by the admins behind the scenes, the casters, and even the in-band moderators. I am quite certain that TFL is the most well-run and competitive online league that I have seen within Brawl Stars. I can not wait!

TFL: What would you like TFL to add for Season 3 and future productions?

Bobby: I would love for TFL to start keeping stats, such as goals, kills, deaths, etc. Individual and team stats are always a pleasure to observe and a lot of info can be taken away from it. They can also help provide insight for teams on performance, apart from the generic Star player award.

TFL: Are there any teams that you are afraid of, or that you think will give your team trouble?

Bobby: I am confident that we in Team Liquid have the best roster and can beat anybody. With that being said, we respect all the teams that have made it this far and think they all have a shot at beating us. Just because The Forge League has the widest array of pro teams ever seen before in a community league.  But no, we do not fear anybody in particular and know that we will be able to beat anyone that we face. Overall, I believe that TFL is the future of Brawl Stars as the best league currently in the game. Not only does it have the majority of the pro teams and players in the game right now. It has a superb admin and organizing team. I am honored to play on behalf of Team Liquid in The Forge League and am looking forward to what they plan on doing with the rest of Season Two and all future productions. I personally, can not wait to take home the Shelly Cup Championship. #TLWIN. Thank you for having me TFL, I am honored.

TFL: No Problem, Bobby. It was great having you. Thank you so much for all your high praise, we look forward to seeing Team Liquid’s performance in the rest of Season Two. Good Luck!


Do you think that Team Liquid will overtake France’s best, PSG Esports? Will TL be able to keep their unblemished win record?

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