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Heat 1 in Review: Results, Stats & Analysis

What a week it was here at The Forge League! We have witnessed our first Armajet community tournament come to live with eight teams valiantly contesting each other over twelve series. Parading victories and hard-fought losses between the two days are making us even more excited to combine teams from both groups for Heat 2 and Heat 3 next weekend. But first, let’s wrap-up Heat 1—because surely there’s a lot to talk about!


First, we’d like to extend our congratulations to last week’s big winners Skyrose and Hammers Esports! Three out of three wins bring them a whopping nine points each and place them on top of their respective groups. Tribe Gaming and Space Soldiers each impress in their own way, which resulted in a second place finish for both teams. FieryTale and SWIF Esports have made tremendous steps going into this season, which paid off with a third-place finish, allowing them to advance to the Double Elimination Stage. Les Cancereux and SmegHead Gaming come in fourth place, unfortunately, and are both eliminated from the tournament.

What’s especially interesting to see is that the way that points are distributed in one group is identical to the other group. Les Cancereux and SmegHead Gaming lose all their series and gain one point for each loss, FieryTale and SWIF Esports win one series and earn five points each, Tribe Gaming and Space Soldiers earn seven points each while Skyrose and Hammers Esports take it all. It’s only fair to say these teams are equal in skill relative to the group they’re in. This means some of the most exciting match-ups will be taking place in the Double Elimination Stage, and we cannot wait!


Behind the scenes, we’ve been tracking data by monitoring each player on each team. It’s time to see which group—or region—did it better! EU has a combined 707 kills over 14 matches with an average of 51 kills per match. In comparison: NA has a combined 634 kills over 13 matches with an average of 49 kills per match. EU one, NA nil. EU has an average 6,650 Score per player. NA has an average 6,175 Score per player, making it 2-0 in favor of EU. Sorry to bring it to you, NA! The best performing teams from this weekend are Hammers Esports with a record-breaking 100% win rate, followed by Skyrose (86%) and Tribe Gaming (63%).

Taking a closer look at our competitors, we see that Full (68 kills), DeLeich (67 kills) and Samo (56 kills) combined contributed to 27% of the kills in the EU Group. Duckk (69 kills), Rezon (59 kills) and BillytheKid (47 kills) combined contributed to 28% of the kills in the NA Group. The most valuable players from this weekend are LucaS (5.25 KDA) from Hammers Esports and Archer (2.58 KDA) from Skyrose. Congratulations to our MVPs!

For more statistics and deeper analysis on how data can improve players and teams in Armajet, be sure to read our breakdown of Heat 1 later this week!

All in all, we look back at a very successful first weekend of high-level jetpack-filled action! Teams from both groups have once again proven themselves to be very competitive, which resulted in mind-boggling plays and tense last-second victories. Six out of eight teams are advancing to the Double Elimination Stage, which takes place on Saturday 4/20 at 3:30PM EDT (Heat 2) and Sunday 4/21 at 3:00PM EDT (Heat 3 or “The Finals Bracket”). Teams are hitting the training grounds to grow even stronger going into this stage. The battle for a combined prize pool of $400 is ON.

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