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TFL Interview with DANY

Interview with Cream Esports’ Brawl Stars Captain: Dany!

The Forge League’s Season 2: The Shelly Cup is well underway and last season’s reigning champions, Cream Esports, will be defending their title in an even higher stakes competition that includes $10000 Prizepool! We’ve asked Dany, captain of Cream Esports’ Brawl Stars team, for his opinion entering Season 2, his experience with Omlet (especially as a winning streamer team), and if they’re afraid of any teams heading their way...

The Forge League (TFL): Congratulations on winning Season 1: The Colt Cup! What were your overall thoughts and biggest takeaways on the tournament series?

Dany: TFL’s Season 1 was by far the most organized community tournament I’ve ever been a part of! I had considered that Brawl Stars (BS) events were risky to produce (considering it was already the second highest prize pool I knew at the time for Brawl Stars) with such a young title, but the opportunity to discover new and skilled non-pro talent was a really cool angle worth exploring!

TFL: Awesome to hear! Do you have the same expectations for Season 2?

Dany: I expect an even bigger impact for the community--in fact it’s solidly guaranteed with a bigger prize pool and a redesigned format. But I also expect TFL to keep the non-pro players always in mind… I’m sure this will be the case! (Of course we will! -TFL)

TFL: And tell us about your new RAZER Phone 2! Congratulations on winning this during our giveaway too (yes, even we had a moment of silence pulling ‘Dany’ as a winner!)

Dany: The RAZER Phone 2 is amazing! I literally cried when I heard I was the winner since I’ve been researching so many reviews on it. I wanted it as a birthday gift! It’s a blast using the phone and Brawl Stars is amazing on it!

TFL: You naturally stream on Omlet Arcade too--what’s been your experience so far on the platform?

Dany: I LOVE Omlet Arcade! It’s an ideal platform for those that don’t have more than a phone to do it all. Omlet [Community] is friendly, the app is light, functional and easy to use. These are the reasons why I stream on Omlet. It’s such a good complementary app for Brawl Stars for when I’m pushing trophies or just having fun playing--it’s also easy to communicate and share events quickly within the Omlet community.

TFL: Spam #EGGCHAMPs in the chat! Are you afraid of any of the teams involved in Season 2?

Dany: I don’t think we’re afraid of ANY teams… but we do respect NOVA a ton… regardless, I know Cream Esports will take the Shelly Cup! Super special shout out to AlbertCG and GuilleVGX for carrying hard in Season 1!

A word from Keynes (Brawl Stars manager for Cream Esports):
Cream Esports (an international esports organization) has been betting on Brawl Stars for over a year. At this point, we’re noticing a new professional scene budding and we’re going to stick to our bet! It’s a pleasure having the opportunity to compete in this awesome league with the best teams.

Our objective this time is to revalidate the first place finish that we achieved in Season 1. We have plenty confidence in our Latin America (LATAM) players--these are passionate and talented people that characterize the region! We know this time it's going to be more difficult because of the teams we’ll be facing, but ambition and the spirit of success is one of our calling signs and we’ll be ready!

We’ll be giving our 100% to get the win! We respect the other teams but I’m personally confident that our hard work, our talented players and staff will emerge victorious. Come to watch every single one of our matches in this league if you want a great show guaranteed!



Thank you for the amazing interview, Dany and Keynes! We look forward to seeing more fireworks in Season 2! Good luck to all participants and see you in the arena, Brawlers!

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