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About Armajet Update 1.5

The Forge League reached out to Bronn (formerly known as Saint) for a look inside Armajet 1.5's newest meta shift. Check out his thoughts below. Don't forget to catch him in the skies with Team Skyrose!


There is no doubt that Armajet Update 1.5's release has significantly shaken up the meta. Bullet travel times have been decreased, Pilot movement (VMAX) has been lowered and boosting and jetpacking are now separate tanks. These new mechanics changes impacts some weapons more than others, including primary and secondary weapons. And lastly, the charge time for Ultimates have been drastically lowered, which allows a lot more usage out of them. Let's have a walkthrough, shall we?


  • Blacktusk: Blacktusk took a hard hit with this update. Because of slower travel time, you have to play with more of a poking playstyle, but otherwise, it’s only effective close range only.
  • Tremor: Tremor wasn’t really affected by this update.
  • Longclaw: Longclaw is another weapon that took a hard hit. With this slower travel time, you really have to predict where the enemies are going to be. This can be challenging for some people, rather than having it “hitscan”.
  • Badger: The badger is going to be a really effective weapon now. It has a faster travel time than Longclaw, deals more damage, and has a faster reload. verall, it is a more reliable heavy damage than any sniper in the game.
  • Thunderstorm: The Thunderstorm’s damage was toned down by 12.5% (-1 damage), and its range was nerfed. however, it is really strong in the game with other weapons nerfed.
  • Locust: The Locust has a better fire rate now, and more bullets in the clip, which makes it actually viable for holding down lanes.
  • Lycan: The Lycan got a fire rate buff, a range buff, and a better spread. This makes the gun a good team fighter, can deal a lot of damage, but it’s not good for dueling.
  • Wildfyre: The Wildfyre got a 20% dmg nerf (-2 damage), whoever it is still able to deal a lot of damage if used correctly.
  • Venom: The Venom is still a very disgusting gun, and got no change in this update. It can deal a lot of spam damage.
  • Phantom: The Phantom wasn’t changed this update, but it feels better than before. It can deal a lot of ranged spam damage, which can assist the rest of the team reliably.
  • Dominion: The Dominion was reverted to its old self. With one shot, it shoots 4 pellets, each dealing 25 damage (instead of 5 pellets with 20 damage). It also has a tighter spread and a longer range, which makes it more effective to one shot people. Due to its high mobility, it is able to flank enemies, catch them off guard, and deal its massive damage to them.
  • Quantum: Quantum got a bit of a buff this update. Damage was upped to 14 (from 12), but it has a slower fire rate. The gun truly makes you feel like a stormtrooper. It is useful on mid to long range fights.
  • Typhoon: The Typhoon got a big buff in this update. Damage went up to 11 (from 8), but its clip size was decreased to 20 (from 24). With its lightweight, it can get in and out of fights easily, and up close, it is deadly.
  • Ironbark: The ironbark didn’t get a a nerf or a buff in the update, but it does feel like a big, heavy machine gun that mows down anything that comes close to it.
  • Leviathan: Leviathan was considered the best sniper in the game by many people, and it probably is still true with the slowed down travel speeds. However it is still not fast enough to be extremely reliable in hitting shots.
  • Velocitas: Unpopular opinion, the Velocitas was really overpowered in the past, it was able to hit shots just as reliably as any other sniper, deal more damage, and possibly hit more than one target. Now with the decreased travel speed, it is harder to spam shots down lanes and hit a lot of enemies.
  • Havoc: The Havoc this update no longer has a constant travel speed, but is accelerating. This makes it a bit harder to hit shots, but it can still deal its huge damage, and lock down lanes easily.
  • Ripper: The Ripper was heavily changed this update. It has now 3 shots (instead of 1), each dealing 35 damage (instead of 50), and its gravity was lowered, so it is easier to hit shots.
  • Nightfall: The Nightfall this update was reverted to its old stage, which makes it really good. Now that you can again release shots at any point and time while charging the shot. This allows it to secure kills reliably, and I feel like we will be seeing a lot of this.


The ultimates got a big buff in this update. All of the ultimates charge has been lowered (to something around 3-4 kills), and some have been buffed (see drones). In the past, you were lucky to have used your ultimate one time in a match, and in rare cases 2, but now, you can use it 3 or even 4 times. Ultimates can shift a teamfight in your favor, even if you are disadvantaged. This all makes the game more fast paced and exciting.

Ultimates (covering the *important* ones only):

  • Airstrike: Airstrike now only requires about 4 to 5 kills, and with its drastic 400 damage rockets raining down on the top floors of the maps, it is very devastating to go up againstwhen an enemy can use it 2-3 times in one game.
  • Drone Machine Gun: The Drone Machine Gun is the best ultimate in the game right now. You only need 3 kills to get it, and it has 200 hp, 12 damage per shot and a really fast fire rate. It feels like you have an unkillable player on the battlefield who mows down teams with no problem.
  • Supershield: The supershield has been always a good ultimate to use, but since the last update, if you have a super shield active, which gives you 100 shield health, you can also pick up a regular blue shield, giving the player 150 shield health, which adds up to a total maximum of 250 HP. You can use this to your advantage to muscle through 2-3 enemies, even if you are all alone.


This update changes a lot of weapons, and with big changes come new metas. Blacktusk and Longclaw used to dominate the meta, but things are different. The new really strong weapons are Badger, Thunderstorm, Venom, Typhoon, Havoc, and Nightfall. Honorable mentions are Tremor, Locust, Lycan, Wildfyre, Phantom, Dominion, Quantum, and Ironbark. On the lower end of the spectrum is Blacktusk, Longclaw, Leviathan (even though it deals more dmg, has a faster bullet velocity than Longclaw), Velocitas, and Ripper.

This update will force the players to adapt to new metas and strategies. In most cases, we can put the good old 2 sniper, 2 frontline meta to rest, because snipers are heavily nerfed. We should be seeing a lot more support weapons played that either control certain parts of the maps, or do a lot of poke damage, which allows other teammates to finish off kills.

Preparing for the Future

These changes are really going to challenge the competitive players to re-learn weapons with their new travel times and new usages, and with the upcoming Tournament, participants will be pushed to our limits to prove who is the best.

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